Pet-Friendly Assisted Living

A pet-friendly senior community allows its residents to keep pets as their companions. It may also offer pet therapy services to help seniors cope with mental or physical health problems. Continue reading to learn more about pet-friendly assisted-living communities.

Do Assisted-Living Communities Provide Pet Care Services?

Some assisted-living communities offer pet services, including pet sitting and grooming. Others may have pet amenities, such as a dedicated outdoor playground. Most of the time, seniors are in charge of the pets in their units, while some communities also have staff members who can help care for pets.

What to Consider Before Bringing a Pet to Senior Living

Pets are good companions, but caring for them can be tedious. Before taking a pet with you to a senior community, consider how you plan to take care of it if your health declines. If the community offers pet services, ask how much these services cost to ensure the additional charges fit within your budget.

Research the community’s rules regarding pet ownership before taking your pet with you. Do they allow pets that aren’t trained? If you haven’t trained your pet, asking a family member to care for your pet may be a good idea.

What to Ask While Touring or Researching Communities

When researching pet-friendly assisted-living communities, ask about the type of pets allowed in the facility. Some senior living communities may only allow small dogs and cats. Also, check for any breed restrictions and ask about any one-time or monthly fees to have a pet. Lastly, ask if the assisted living community offers additional pet services and how much they cost. If you don’t have a pet but want one as a companion, inquire about on-site pet therapy services.

Benefits of Pet Ownership as a Senior

Caring for a pet may help seniors connect with other residents or form bonds with other pet owners. If they live alone, having a pet can help reduce loneliness or anxiety. When they’re ill, pet therapy may help them recover more quickly.

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