Senior Assisted Living Facility near Klein

As our loved ones age, sometimes the tasks that come with daily living become a little more difficult than they once were. Cooking meals, driving to appointments and remembering the times to take medications can add up, making the golden years stressful.

If a loved one needs help to get through the day, an assisted living facility can offer it. In an assisted living community, seniors can live as independently as their lifestyle allows. When assistance is needed, friendly staff members offer a helping hand in a dignified manner, befitting the respect the person deserves.

What Is an Assisted Living Facility?

In short, an assisted living facility is a living community for seniors who need a little help with certain daily tasks. These seniors usually live mostly independent and fairly active lives; they just need a little assistance here and there with things like grooming, bathing and taking medicine.

At Ella Springs, our staff is honored to assist our residents when needed. We don’t interfere with our residents’ daily lives; we enhance daily living by offering assistance when it’s desired. When they can handle things on their own, we stay out of their way and allow them the freedom to enjoy life.

What Can You Expect From Assisted Living?

At our assisted living community, residents enjoy a robust schedule of activities designed to foster a sense of community with other seniors. Classes, games and entertainment can help fill the day and help seniors make the most of their golden years. Seniors also enjoy quality meals prepared by our staff and a full community that lets them enjoy the small pleasures of life without ever having to leave campus.

Residents can live as independently as they wish, knowing help is always nearby when needed.

What Are the Assisted Living Admission Requirements?

To join an assisted living community, a senior must need assistance with at least two major activities of daily living. They must also be stable and predictable and in control of their mental faculties. Your family can help you decide if your situation is appropriate for care from an assisted living facility.

If you’d like to get information about Ella Springs and our assisted living community, we’re just a call away. Contact us for more information about whether it’s the right move for you.