Assisted Living Companion Suites

What Are Companion Suites?

Typically available in assisted living or memory care facilities, rather than independent living accommodations, companion living is a semiprivate apartment shared by two people. The residents may be siblings; however, they’re usually unrelated. Since couples enjoy a special rate for their space, they’re not eligible for the companion suite option. Size and privacy choices can range from a studio to a two-bedroom apartment.

Why Choose Companion Living for Your Family Member?

Although the initial decision to choose a companion living space might be motivated by cost savings, you and your loved one may soon realize a wide variety of benefits. Continued social engagement helps increase cognitive functions, such as improved memory, reasoning skills and concentration. An improved sense of belonging also reduces health risks often associated with isolation and loneliness, including depression, stroke and heart failure.

How Does Living in a Companion Suite Benefit My Loved One?

Seniors transitioning into a new living situation, especially those with memory loss, can feel increasingly isolated. Sharing a companion suite offers your loved one a number of benefits, including:

  • Comfort and reassurance
  • Health benefits that reduce the risk of depression, heart disease and stroke
  • Mental stimulation and engagement
  • A sense of belonging and security

Advantages of Having a Roommate

While sharing a living space with a stranger may undoubtedly require a period of adjustment, there are definite advantages to living with a roommate.

Cost Savings

Economics is one of the biggest motivations for choosing a companion suite. You’ll save money on the monthly rent, and you may pool resources to save on food and entertainment costs.

Shared Housework

Another benefit of companion suite living is the division of routine chores. You may opt to create a schedule outlining tasks, such as laundry, cleaning and cooking, that’s agreeable and a time saver for both parties.


Giving up your home, routines and familiar surroundings to live in an assisted living community can create loneliness and melancholy. It helps to share a space with another person who understands how emotional the transition can be.

Benefits of Living at Ella Springs

Whether you want an independent living situation or you require memory care or assisted living services, Ella Springs provides state-of-the-art accommodations and a caring, professional staff. We conduct a comprehensive assessment before residency to ensure you have a supportive and comfortable environment where you can thrive. Residents enjoy the security of 24/7 trained staff and full-time licensed nurses.

Ella Springs offers a wide variety of apartment options and a full complement of activities and dining selections. Residents can maintain an exercise routine by taking advantage of our walking paths and dog park, or enjoy a meal with family and friends in the BBQ pavilion. Other offerings include a movie theater and a fully staffed beauty salon. Schedule a tour by completing our online inquiry form or calling (281) 560-4311.